Chazon was conceived in 2010 with the word "Vision".  I awoke to the word repeating in my mind. After a search, I found the Hebrew word that meant "a dream, revelation or vision". I tweaked the word a little to come up with Chazon (sha-zown), very beautiful and french sounding, right?  The very next day my Pastor taught on the same exact word!!! You can't make this stuff up!
"Chazon... dare to dream".  
One morning I went to find my favorite earrings that I had tossed on the bathroom counter the previous evening. To my amazement, they were lying together in a perfectly balanced pattern. I stared and thought  "What are the chances that this could happen!?" At that point I knew I was receiving inspiration again and I began to sketch out different designs based on rearranging those same earrings.   I realized that I was to start designing jewelry and that God had given me the name of the business. I had always encouraged women to "dream" and to see their own potential so everything began to connect.
Chazon Designs was launched with "Tugging on my Heart Strings". I donated necklaces and did fundraising for Domestic Violence Services because that was an issue that tugged on my heart.  
When you wear our designs like  "Heartstrings", you can tell others what tugs on your heartstrings... you can tell your story or even mine.  May it be an inspiration to you and others to"Dare to Dream!"